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They were very quick in getting to us and had our car unlocked with no trouble. Tech was great. Highly recommend
Tony Jenkins
Tony Jenkins
23:27 22 Jul 19
The service was incredible! The cost was incredible, They had a technician to my door in 20 minutes, and the key was made very quickly. The technician, Steve, was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this company!
Gary Arnold Seevers
Gary Arnold Seevers
17:36 09 Jul 19
Fast and expert service. I was back in my truck in less than a minute. Highly recommend these guys as well as Steve who did the work!
art palko
art palko
15:38 04 Jul 19
Steve Adams was very quick to arrive. He explained the process and gave me several options to choose from. After all things considered—he was able help me get what I need. Thank you so much! Will refer 10 out of 10 times.
Steven Ledgerwood
Steven Ledgerwood
15:11 28 Jun 19
He was a great nice guy! Kept everything simple and told me everything I needed to do for the job to get done! I’ll be calling Lock and Key Expert every time I need help again!
Dylan Emmons
Dylan Emmons
01:50 22 Jun 19
He was a great nice guy! Kept everything simple and told me everything I needed to do for the job to get done! I’ll be calling Lock and Key Expert every time I need help again!
Dylan Emmons
Dylan Emmons
01:49 22 Jun 19
The expert came with a positive attitude and very professional. Price was very affordable with all the locks that needed to be changed. Thanks again and will recommend to family and friends.
Eriana P.
Eriana P.
19:53 20 Jun 19
Very quick response and show up time. Very friendly manner and awesome accent! Fantastic service and again very fast job and very well done! Thank you!
Jordan Bluitt
Jordan Bluitt
21:51 14 Jun 19
Steve came out and helped me and my boyfriend on a stressful whim when i was stuck in my works parking garage and could not get my key to start my car. He came quick and efficiently to us and immediately got to work. He was very kind and helped out so much, i would recommend him and his work to anyone i know! Thanks so much again
Lennah Cardozo
Lennah Cardozo
21:01 27 May 19
Steve came on time and was patient while we waited for the tow truck driver to arrive. I will definitely use him again the next time I get locked out. He was able to create a new key for my car even tho I have an push button start. Very reliable & professional. No creeper vibes.
Jen Price
Jen Price
18:01 22 May 19
Steve came out & made me a new key. He cane on time and gave me a good deal. I’ve passed him along to my buddies. Nice, trustworthy guy.
Deandre Cornelius
Deandre Cornelius
16:56 22 May 19
This company is extraordinary. They had a guy name Chris come out to help resolve my issue if It wasn’t for him I would’ve been late for work.
anshel Pitter
anshel Pitter
15:58 07 May 19
He was very fast and efficient with his response time. I really appreciate the quality of his work. There were multiple different locks to pick from, as well. Highly recommend for anyone needing fast service!
Navi Kaur
Navi Kaur
15:35 05 May 19
Chris installed two electronic locks at my home. He was very knowledgeable about the lock products and installed them efficiently. Chris helped me determine which locks would look best on my doors. I will definitely call Chris for my future locksmith jobs.
Shannon Piepergerdes
Shannon Piepergerdes
17:34 03 May 19
Technician (Steve) was amazing, friendly, and very reliable. I was so frustrated when I lost my keys Steve was quick in making me a new key. I highly recommend Lock and Key Expert.
bridget mckinzy
bridget mckinzy
21:33 26 Apr 19
Highly recommend Steve! He checked all the doors to see which one he could open the best due to our knobs having a 5 security system lock built in them. He also arrived quicker than the expected wait time!! Very nice, polite, & got the job done quick! 11/10. It was refreshing to finally be inside the house instead of the heat
Revonia Makope
Revonia Makope
21:19 19 Apr 19
Steve was very prompt and the utmost professional. He got our company van unlocked, which had the keys locked in it, quickly. Excellent work! Highly reccomend!!
Mark Klinkenberg
Mark Klinkenberg
20:58 18 Apr 19
Steve was very helpful! He Made sure to call and let me know he was on his way and again when he arrived. He unlocked my car in a timely manner and was very clear about what I was being very charged for. If I ever lock my keys in my car again (hopefully not) I’ll be sure to call Lock and Key Expert again!
Haylee Hunt
Haylee Hunt
18:48 11 Apr 19
Incredibly quick after I called. Very professional. He was very informative and reliable. Steve was the best! He helped me very quickly and efficient.
Tess Smith
Tess Smith
19:48 17 Mar 19
Thank you lock and key expert for making my experience as smooth as possible. I lost my keys for my 2008/BMW and the dealership said I had to wait 3 days and I was very frustrated, so then I called lock and key expert and a technician arrived and made me a new key fib in 30 minutes I deeply recommend this company and I will definitely save the number and use this company for future services. And thanks to Steve I was able to get back to my day.
Galaxy Defender Delta
Galaxy Defender Delta
23:12 11 Mar 19

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Member of the Associated Locksmith of America  License AR72118


Being in need of a locksmith can sometimes mean a desperate situation. Being locked out of your house or car especially at an odd time of the day or night can have us looking for the fastest and easiest solution. However, when it comes to our security and that of our homes an added layer of caution is required. A little bit of due diligence can go a long way in keeping you, your family and property safe.

Locksmith scams and frauds are a very real problem but following a few simple rules can help you spot the frauds before they can do any harm. Detailed here are the what you should look out for to know if the locksmith you are hiring is from a genuine, registered company. Reputed locksmith companies like Lock and Key Expert in Lenexa , have strict security measures in place which include background checks on all our employees. 


The scam: There are two main ways in which fake locksmiths can defraud unsuspecting customers:

High prices: Prying on the desperation of some clients, locksmith frauds charge extremely high prices. While some locksmith services are more expensive than others, these scamasters are only looking to make a quick buck. The price will be high, but the quality of service and equipment will be poor. Unskilled individuals posing as locksmiths could also cause a lot of damage to your home or car.

Security breaches: The second type of locksmith scam comes in the form of thieves posing as a locksmith in order to get access to your car keys or security codes. These individuals might even be skilled at their job but use their skills with an ulterior motive. Once they have access to your property, it is just a matter of waiting till the coast is clear and either stealing your car or stealing valuables from your home.

Both these types of locksmith scams are unpleasant and can leave you with more expenses with damages needing to be fixed. Also, you have to go through the hassle of an insurance claim, filing a police report and so on. Fortunately, with a little caution, these scenarios are completely avoidable.

How to avoid locksmith frauds and scams: Here are a few things you should look out for to make sure that you are not hiring a fraud instead of a genuine locksmith:

The car: A reputed locksmith company like Lock and Key Expert in Lenexa has a whole fleet of fully equipped company cars. Every car has the company logo, is painted in the company colors, and has information details like the website and phone number. By observing the type of car, a locksmith shows up in you can judge whether they are from a registered company or not.

The identification: All employees of a locksmith firm should have photo identification that they are happy to show the client. Lock and Key Expert has issued photograph IDs to all its employees. Any locksmith who doesn’t produce a genuine ID should be suspected of fraud. You can also ask for a license and registration number if you suspect a locksmith is not who they say they are.

The business card: The locksmiths of Lock and Key Expert all have printed business cards that they can leave behind with you. A business card is not just for contact information but is also a way for you to remember who exactly came to your home for a job in case of any problem that comes up. A locksmith that can’t produce a business card is probably not who they say they are and should be treated with caution.

The receipt: Always make sure you receive a receipt when you pay for a locksmith service. A genuine receipt with has the company logo and contact details printed on it. Lock and Key Expert has the company name, address and phone number printed clearly on the receipts along with a unique receipt number.

Hiring a locksmith without carefully checking their details can prove to be more harm than good. Don’t fall for gimmicks that promise quick service at low costs. Always make sure to check a locksmith company’s website and their location. Also, when looking for a locksmith, look for an ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) membership.

Emergency Locksmith in Lenexa, KS

Lock and Key Expert is always there for you. We are the first choice for auto, residential and commercial locksmith services. We also get the job done when everybody else says they cannot do it.

If you’re looking for a locksmith who can support you quickly and reliably, we’re the ones to call. When you need locks for your new home or have to change the locks of the home you live in, we perform expert installations quickly.

Locked out of your car with the key in the ignition? Misplaced your car keys? Our emergency locksmith service solves your problem, in many cases, within an hour.

We value security

Great locks and keys reduce anxiety. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your material assets are secure. There is no substitute to a good security system – whether that’s a high-quality regular or smart lock – or replacement/spare car keys. We understand your concerns and ensure that you never have to wait long to safeguard your home, building/office or vehicle.

A locally owned and operated business

We live and work in the communities we serve. We are committed to consistently delivering quality locksmith services to Lenexa residents.

A local focus allows us to do what we do best without distractions. We have planned manpower and investment with a firm focus in reaching everyone in Lenexa who needs our help. Our ability to cover all four corners of the city has made us the go-to emergency locksmith in the city.

licensed - Bounded - Insured

Lock and Key Expert is a licensed locksmith that cares about the safety and welfare of its staff. We are appropriately bonded to protect the integrity and commercial interest of our company.

We are also insured to withstand any losses to our business. Our insurance policies reflect our commitment to safeguarding our employees’ financial interest in the event of unfortunate, unforeseeable on-the-job incidents.

We provide a warranty for our products and workmanship. When you engage our company, you are assured the highest level of professionalism. We’re here for the long run and work tirelessly to maintain our goodwill in the community.

A mobile locksmith near you

Many locksmith services address emergencies that have to be addressed as quickly as possible. Our mobile locksmith services are the best service model to manage urgent situations where a new car key must be cut or home/office door lock installed.

When you call us, our mobile locksmith nearest to your location makes a quick trip to wherever you have specified. Our van is equipped with new locks, equipment necessary to cut a new key and tools needed to reprogram your car’s computer.

Mobile locksmith services are obviously much faster and more convenient than turning to a dealership. You will first need to book an appointment and need to hire a towing service. We save you time and money, and are easily the best value proposition.

Lenexa’s fastest locksmith

What makes us the city’s fastest locksmith service? For one, our mobile service vans are equipped with GPS to navigate to your location via the quickest route.

For another, our skilled and highly trained locksmiths repair, replace, open, cut and perform other tasks efficiently. You can count on us to do a thorough, faultless job without taking up more time than necessary.

A locksmith you can trust

Many of our clients wait around for less than an hour to get back on the road, gain access into their property or install a new lock. Some grab a coffee or run errands during the brief downtime – leaving us in charge and trusting us to solve their problem swiftly.

At a time of fraudulent locksmiths and ‘cheap 24-hour locksmith’ scams, you don’t want to fall prey to fly-by-night operators. We advise you to engage only companies with a verifiable local presence. If you wish to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 for immediate assistance or to schedule a service please call us now 913-335-2372